Organic Gardening Beginner's Manual

Here's the ultimate "Take-You-By-The-Hand" beginner's gardening manual for creating and managing your own organic garden. Even if you know nothing about organic gardening.... so you can get back your health and energy and save a stack of money.

You're going to learn that organic gardening can greatly improve your health and energy levels while really lowering your weekly food bills, and it only takes about half an hour per week.

If you're like me you probably hate the idea of eating foods (and providing them for your family) that may have been grown with chemicals.

I want to share with you not only the joy of producing fresh, delicious food for your family, but also the health advantages of spending time in the fresh air and sunshine, stress relief, and chemical free, vitamin filled, fresh, natural foods - what our bodies really crave for and need.

Now you can access the information you want quickly and easily, to make planning and growing your vegetable garden a breeze! Growing our own food makes us less reliant on commercially grown foods. Who knows how long produce might have been sitting around on a shelf, or in a cooler room?

Do you wonder just what chemicals have been sprayed on that perfect-looking tomato, that really is quite tasteless? Being able to walk out to your organic vegetable garden and pick your own food - now let's see... how many food miles is that? - Oh, it's none!

You'll instantly discover...
Your very best area to grow your vegetables
How to build up healthy, fertile soil without costing a fortune
How to feed your soil - the organic ways
How to create an easy, 'no-dig' veggie plot
Massive savings by learning how to grow from seeds
9 Essential tips to successfully transplanting your seedlings
Tips for the most effective watering
Why mulching is a must in every organic garden
5 easy ways to keep your garden weed free
How to slash your food bill in half
The 7 crucial ingredients to making great compost
What never to put into your compost
How to make your own organic liquid fertilizers, saving $$'s
Natural ways to protect your plants from pests and disease
Top 10 easiest veggies to grow
Secrets to growing lush, healthy herbs
Why to include perennial vegetables
What you must do to grow your food if space is limited
How much to plant for your family's needs
And that's just a small glimpse of what's included. This gardening guide was created to give you simple, concise steps to easily create the right organic food garden for your family. I've gathered this information from both my own experience and from many different resources over the past 20 years.

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