How to Space-Saving Herb Garden

Vertical Gardening is quite the trend this year. From salad gardens built on hanging wooden planks to the inventive use of hanging shoe organizers. And why not? It is the classic cook’s conundrum: You want to have fresh herbs at arm’s reach, but you haven’t got the space for an entire herb garden—or you live in an apartment with very little outdoor space. So, we created our own simple DIY solution that props your herb garden up with basic yard lattice.
Here’s what you’ll need:

8 paint stirrers (FREE at The Home Depot)
Spray paint or acrylic house paint
Alphabet stencils or stamps
A 5-foot, square-frame trellis
8 lightweight plastic garden pots with lip (8-inch pots worked well and left room for growth)
16 “S” hooks (1½-inch work best)
8 cooking herbs of your choice
Potting soil

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