Starting plants from seeds

Starting plants from seeds
Starting Seeds Tips:
  1. Provide a proper home to your seeds. Seeds want more than plain old garden soil. I normaly use a Seed Starting Mix, or Peat Soil Pellets Seeds Starting Plugs that expand with water.
  2. Always read the seed packet manual. It'll tell you when to start the seeds. or when to move the plants outside, or info on sun requirements, spacing ....
  3. Conveniently, most seedlings like the same temperature: between 65°F and 72°F (18°C and 22°C). you can regulate soil temperature by placing a Heat Mat under the tray.
  4. Water is vital. But if young leaves get wet, it can lead to rot. So use a pitcher with a narrow spout to apply water directly to the peat.
  5. Seedlings love light. seedlings can become spindly and weak struggling to reach light, hang your fluorescent shop light four to six inches above the plants. As they grow, raise the lamp.
  6. Hardening off. A week or so before the last frost, place the tray of seedlings outside for a few hours in the afternoon, bringing them back indoors overnight. Repeat this process slowly increasing the amount of time the plants stay out until all danger of frost has passed.
  7. Once it's finally time to settle your seedlings in the garden, refer back to the packet for guidance on their sun and shade preferences, as well as how deep and how far apart to plant them.
Source : alternative-energy-gardning
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