Wall Garden Staghorn Ferns

Wall Garden Staghorn Ferns
Staghorn ferns have been cropping up everywhere, often on plaques, as the focal point of wall gardens. But growing them that way can be challenging. This hanging display is a foolproof alternative. Potting moss and a plastic pot help the plant retain moisture, so you only have to water it once every two weeks or so.
Step 1: Find a terra-cotta pot large enough to fit a wire basket inside.
Step 2: Push the wire basket down into the terra-cotta pot so it's centered.
Step 3: Line the inside of the wire basket with a layer of potting moss.
Step 4: Leaving the fern in the original plastic pot, put it inside the wire basket.
Step 5: Add more potting moss to conceal the plastic pot and cover the soil.
Source : Wall Garden